Shipping and Packaging Information

After extensive research and testing, we concluded that shipping sea moss gel should be done with care and efficiency. All products are made on demand to ensure our costumers receive the freshest product possible.

Purpose Sea Moss Gel orders go out for delivery between Sunday-Thursday. We DO NOT deliver on Friday and Saturday to avoid spoilage.

It’s best that the product gets shipped in a timely manner to avoid any spoilage (REMEMBER TO REFRIGERATE IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIVING).

PURPOSE SEA MOSS is only offering Express Shipping (1-2 Business Days) at the price of $4.99 going forward. Which reduces the cost of shipping for the customer AND ensures a faster arrival time of the product once it’s shipped. 

Be sure to check your email for all shipping and tracking info for your order.

We suggest that your Seamoss Gel be stored IMMEDIATELY upon delivery. It can last in the fridge for 4 weeks.