About Us (Purpose Sea Moss)

Creator of the Purpose Sea Moss Gel brand, SaVon Slater has made a name for himself in podcasting as creator and co-host of the Need to Know podcast, in addition to his work as a co-producer on the Joe Budden Podcast. SaVon also shares a passion for self-improvement and growth and believes the greatest lesson 2020’s global pandemic taught society, is that health is WEALTH!

Finding ways to fuel the body using as little processed foods and supplements as possible, Sea Moss is packed with beneficial nutrients and minerals to keep you feeling your best providing a boost of energy throughout your day. He applied his skillset to research and studied the benefits of Irish Sea moss which peaked his interest in incorporating into his daily diet. Slater immediately felt increased energy levels, mental sharpness and weight loss. Implementing his knowledge from managing multiple successful podcasts, he approaches his craft for sea moss with the same care/intensity. Testing the product, delivering samples and reaping the benefits personally from the consumption of sea moss gel.

SaVon makes everything in small batches from his home base in New York City. To achieve optimal flavor, our products are carefully crafted and soaked in the highest quality alkaline water and fresh frozen fruit and. Each Purpose Sea Moss jar is created upon demand to guarantee the product to be fresh.

Finding your “Purpose” is something we stand by, no matter how big or small you may believe that purpose is the best way to achieve that is giving yourself the healthiest chance to fulfill it.


SaVon Slater’s Personal Testimony

“As someone who’s suffered from seasonal allergies since birth, I have always struggled with respitory issues. Taking different medications, medical procedures and minor surgeries I was never able to fully find a cure to the issues. My fight with respiratory issues seemed endless until I began using Irish Sea moss gel which contains properties that promote respiratory health.

Now, I’m not claiming Irish sea moss to be a magic potion, there are other factors I believe that contributed to healing my body BUT I do believe the properties play a significant role in maintaining clear nasal passages and fights the mucus within my body. In addition, maintaining a healthier diet, exercise and a ton of water consumption contributed tremendously. I'm a true believer of the properties that Sea Moss gel contains and I hope to hear your experience with it as well!”